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SafeSpine programme tackles soft tissue injuries

The project is described as a ?musculoskeletal health education programme specialising in injury reduction?. By using the programme, the participants have increased the range of movement by 45 per cent, while 46.7 per cent of participants increased range of movement as well as a decrease in pain.
The programme starts with workshops, leader training, assessment and certification. The emphasis placed on warm up stretches and exercises that prevent muscle imbalances and soft tissue creep. Soft tissue injuries including sprains and strains are amongst the most common workplace injuries in Australia.
Fleta Solomon of Onsite Health Solutions stated, “The back is more susceptible to injury due to unstable muscles resulting in a weakened posture. Activities such as bending and slouching are often responsible for soft tissue creep and are frequently the ?set-up? for recordable injuries.”
It is important to warm up for work by following the proposed stretching programme designed to prepare the body and mind for the daily tasks.
OHS has found that these benefits caused a decrease in lost time injury frequency rates. The mining firm Downer EDI has reported a large decline in these injuries as a result of implementing SafeSpine.
Onsite Health Solutions will demonstrate its SafeSpine programme to Queensland Safety Show visitors from June 21 to 23.
Source: Australian Exhibitions & Conferences Pty Ltd

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