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Rugged units enter Australian truck market

Effective from February 2011, Daimler Trucks has introduced the Freightliner Coronado 6 x 4 and Coronado SD (Severe Duty) in rigid and prime mover configurations into the Australian market. The trucks originally replaced Daimler?s Sterling range in North America after the Sterling ceased production in 2008.

Both the Coronado 6 x 4 and Coronado SD are available with a choice of two heavy duty six-cylinder engines with eight power variations: a Detroit Diesel DD15 engine (with 373kW, 395kW and 417kW options) or a Cummins ISX (with 361kW, 373kW, 391kW, 410kW and 447kW options for the 6 x 4 and 361kW, 373kW, 391kW, 410kW and two 447kW options for the SD). Both engines are fully ADR80/03 compliant and can be upgraded without altering the engine hardware.

Depending on application requirements, operators may also choose from an Eaton manual or Eaton AutoShift with SmartShift paddles mounted on the steering column for easier driving.

In its standard 6 x 4 configuration, the Coronado has a GVM of 24,000kg and can be rated for 106,000kg GCM for general highway use. The Coronado SD can be rated up to 140,000 GCM heavy haul work and has three Meritor rear axles with a static loaded rating of up to 23,580kg and driver-controlled differential locks as standard for the roughest roads. The Coronado 6 x 4 and Coronado SD also benefit from a low tare, starting from 7857kg, enabling potentially bigger payloads. The Coronado SD also has an enhanced off-road capability, with traction control, roll stability control and duel-levelling valves with optional airbag rear suspension.

At the official launch, Carlo Beltrame, senior executive of Daimler Trucks, stated that both models were designed to be robust and to take a lot of abuse. Commenting on the Coronado 6 x 4, he said, ?With that huge square grille, it?s got a classic ?big rig? look but underneath the styling, it?s all state of the art and designed to deliver reliability, performance and safety.?
Carlo Beltrame also described the Coronado SD as ?one seriously tough unit. We?ve built it from the tyres up to thrive in the toughest kind of vocational roles ? quarry work, forestry haul, building sites ? heavy loads on rough surfaces all day, every day. With a classic square grille and hood, it?s a truck that screams muscle?.

Source: Daimler Trucks

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