Quarry returned to traditional owners

?Bomen Axe quarry is brimming with anvils, grinding stones, axe heads and hammer stones and now these will be preserved for future education and research,? said Paul House, the manager of Aboriginal Heritage Southern Region, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.
?Now that Bomen Axe quarry is officially an Aboriginal place, it cannot be subdivided or built upon, and neither can the native vegetation found at the site be cleared.
?This site was long occupied by the Wiradjuri people who, together with other Aboriginal people, still hold it in high esteem.
?Beyond its value as a quarry, Bomen also provides evidence of Aboriginal transport routes used for trade.?
House added that the Bomen quarry covers nearly six hectares, just five kilometres outside the Wagga Wagga centre. He commended the local council for its proactive work in protecting ?this important place?.
?This declaration was a group effort between the Waagan Waagan Project group that put the quarry?s nomination forward, and the Wagga Wagga Elders Group, the Wiradjuri Council of Elders, Wagga Wagga Local Aboriginal Land Council and Wagga Wagga City Council.?
Source: NSW Government

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