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Quarry Media Guide 2012

Get ahead in 2012
Suppliers to the quarrying and extractive industries have good reasons to be optimistic over the next 12 months. Although the global economy is in a fragile state, Australia continues to defy global trends, thanks to its resources boom, which is being generated by the hunger of China, India and other developing Asian economies for commodities. Indeed, there are over $170 billion of mining and energy projects pending in the next year alone.

While Australia?s economic growth in 2010-11 was sluggish, it remained constant at around 1.4 per cent (compared to 1.2 per cent in 2009-10). The continuing strong performance of the resources sector is a good sign for the quarrying industry. It means that with increased confidence, the mining industry and other sectors will demand more aggregate for infrastructure. And with a rising demand for aggregate, then quarries will inevitably have to review their processes and their inventory.

Indeed, there are strong signs of this already, with the lift in infrastructure activity in the wake of the natural disasters that struck various parts of eastern Australia in early 2011. The reconstruction phase, particularly in Queensland, means that there is a greater hunger for aggregate than before. Quarries are becoming busier and as the New Year beckons, they may have to commit to either leasing capital equipment or making capital equipment purchases to keep up with demand.

This should put suppliers in an ideal position to sell their products and services, whether that be belt cleaners, dredging plant and equipment, drill rigs, dump trucks, dust control systems, excavators, mobile crushers and screens, hoses and fittings, loaders, personal protective equipment and safety clothing, sludge dewatering or weighing plant and equipment (to name but a few of the products available).

In short, the quarry industry is in a position to piggyback off the opportunities offered by the resources boom and the reconstruction phase ? and its suppliers are ideally placed to piggyback off quarry and aggregate producers.

Quarry continues to be the pre-eminent monthly publication for the Australian quarrying and extractive industries and their suppliers. It provides suppliers with a vital avenue to reach quarry operators and owners. In 2011, Quarry also went digital for the first time, with the launch of an ongoing website ( and the distribution of a weekly e-newsletter to all members of the Institute of Quarrying Australia and other quarrying and extractive industries businesses. Both the website and the e-newsletter will provide a value add for suppliers to also promote their goods and services to IQA members and Quarry readers online.

It would be nonsensical if suppliers did not utilise Quarry, both in its printed and digital incarnations, to promote their wares and expertise to the quarrying market. Quarry is read by quarry managers, supervisors and other personnel across the nation?and it is the personnel who increasingly have the most say about quality plant and equipment. Don?t miss out on your chance to build existing relationships or a new rapport with your quarry customers in 2012.

On that note, I look forward to seeing you in Quarry?s hallowed pages in 2012 and beyond.

Damian Christie
Quarry Magazine

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