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Puppy survives two weeks in mine shaft

Five month old Bruce went missing after he fell down a disused mine shaft near Barrick?s Kanowna Belle goldmine.
The dog?s owner, Bill Honey, said that he had assumed Bruce had suffered a fatal fall down one of the many old mine shafts in the area.
?We looked everywhere and we couldn?t find him because there were all these old mine shafts,? he said. ?Now I reckon he fell down and knocked himself out.?
In a lucky twist a fortnight later, Ausdrill contractors who started exploration drilling at Woodline, 5km north east of the Kanowna Belle mine, heard a faint dog bark and investigated. An emergency rescue team was called in and they found Bruce trapped at the bottom of a 10m deep shaft.
Save for the fact he was emaciated and starving (Barrick?s Kanowna project geologist Andrew Baker said the dog ?was pretty skinny, its back end was quite wasted and you could see its ribs?), Bruce was healthy and reunited with his owner several hours later.
Source: West Australian

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