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Pugmill and cement transfer system

The new model pugmill can pug roadbase with optimum moisture content at up to 335 tonnes per hour (the nominal capacity of a pugmill is around 250 tph), and is capable of mixing three different products and cement powder simultaneously.
A programmable logic controller controls the product mix but an easy to use interface allows the operator to change each product mix manually and store then as pre-baked recipes for future use.
The CTS-50 is for road base, cement treated base, soil remediation, landfill site preparation and backfill material. Control of the feed rate of the cement additive to the product is achieved with a variable hydraulic drive that accurately controls the feed rate of the cement as controlled by the plant automation system (4-20mA signal). 
The volume of cement additive is continuously monitored and displayed by IFM Efector’s CR2530 smart weighing controller. It is based on Queensland Mains Road Technical Standard MRTS08 compliance.

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