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Plans to transform former site into holiday park

The site is set back from the Bruce Highway off Sippy Creek Road, Tanawha, and is currently undertaking quarry rehabilitation works.

Riversleigh Super Pty Ltd and Habania Pty Ltd, the companies respectively owned by brothers Peter and John Shadforth, are undertaking the works. The brothers – now 73 and 76 – managed the quarry for 30 years.

The site is almost 42ha and is surrounded by a 30m to 100m wide bushland buffer. It is situated behind the Sunshine Coast Animal Rescue Service.

The Shadforths recently lodged an impact-assessable development application (DA) with the Sunshine Coast Council.

Peter Shadforth told the Sunshine Coast Daily that they hope to add to the Sunshine Coast's affordable accommodation scene as the region's caravan park options have declined in recent years.

The DA contains plans for 461 short-stay accommodation sites made up of 306 general sites, 125 recreational vehicle sites and 30 ‘glamping’ (ie ‘glamorous camping’) sites. The site would also include a communal recreation building, children’s playground and recreational dam.

The rehabilitation is expected to take up to three years. Peter Shadforth told the Sunshine Coast Daily that he would decide after that whether the family companies would develop the site or open it up to a third party.

The site is within close driving range of the Sunshine Coast’s main tourist attractions, including Aussie World, Australia Zoo and the Big Pineapple.

The Shadforths recently met with neighbours to discuss their plans.

During a pre-lodgement meeting in May last year, the Sunshine Coast Council noted that there were no fundamental concerns with the proposed use from a strategic planning perspective.




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