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Operator-friendly high pressure cleaner

?We have developed an innovative blaster with the plant operator in mind,? Aussie Pumps? Dean Fountain said. ?We know that construction sites are one of the most demanding situations for machinery and we?ve made our blasters tough enough to take it.?
The Aussie Super Indy range includes single and three-phase steamers with pressures as high as 3000psi and temperatures to 120oC. ?This provides real shifting power,? Fountain explained. ?It?s obvious that if you can?t see the leak for the dirt it isn?t going to get fixed quick enough. Prompt preventative maintenance reduces downtime, increases efficiency and [gives] a better bottom line.?
In line with on-site requirements, the new machines feature a heavy-duty stainless steel cover that is impact resistant. The cover is mounted on a robust steel chassis with integrated front-mounted bumper. 
?We decided to move away from European style machines with their traditional poly or plastic covers? Fountain explained. ?We have consulted with the industry and these machines are designed to take anything an Australian construction wash bay or maintenance depot can deliver.?
The pumps are a heavy-duty Italian triplex design running at 1450rpm for a continuous trouble-free life. The range starts with a 240V single-phase machine delivering 1500psi (100 bar) and 12 litres per minute (lpm) flow. The machine reaches 120oC, providing loads of steam power when needed. 
Three-phase machines are also available when more performance is required with flows of up to 21lpm. Stainless steel burner coils are available for applications involving ?hard? water.
The Aussie Super Indy range offers ?total stop? timers, designed to shut the machine off after the operator releases the trigger of the gun. This not only reduces wear on the machine but saves power. 
Other intelligent features include a ?micro leak? control. The micro leak shuts the machine down if a leak is detected in the high pressure system. This is essential for maintaining optimum performance and eliminates breakdowns and subsequent downtime. Low water and low fuel cut outs have also been incorporated to offer state of the art reliability. 
Ergonomic dials give the operator infinitely variable temperature control. That means the machine can vary from cold water to full 120oC steam by simply turning a dial. This steam function shifts heavy grease and dirt efficiently and economically.
Australian Pump has also developed a great range of stainless steel high pressure hose reels. These can be either machine or wall mounted. They have the ability to hold up to 75m of high pressure hose with the reel rated for hot water to 200oC and pressures as high as 5000psi.
?The new stainless steel hot water reels go hand in hand with the Super Indy range,? said Fountain. ?They are a real safety asset and substantially aid productivity and reduce wash down times.? ?
Source: Australian Pump

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