One Stop Shop for Everything Quarry!

Looking for ball bearings or couplings? What if you need replacement castings or wear plates or you’re missing vital hoses and fittings? How do you start and where do you find the right supplier? 
If it isn’t in the Quarry Suppliers Directory, Australia's #1 directory for the quarrying and extractive industries, then it’s not worth knowing about!
The Suppliers Directory has the most comprehensive product category list – this year it has expanded to 174 categories comprising 636 suppliers.
Every quarry supplier’s brand in Australia is also separately listed from A to Z, along with supplier/distributor contact details. There's a “Hard To Find” index for hard-to-pin-down items.
At around 700 grams, this lightweight tome is worth its weight in aggregate – and any quarry supplier worth their salt is listed!
Further, the Suppliers Directory is mirrored on – it’s a leading search engine tool that allows you to view product images and descriptions that are updated by the suppliers themselves. It’s far more than just a list of company names and includes product photos and company information. To search online, log-in and use the Supplier Search page.
Interested in getting your hands on a copy of the Directory? For more details, simply email us with the subject line I’d love to get my hands on the 2014 Quarry Suppliers Directory!”

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