Old quarry gets new lease of life

A development application was lodged by Cudal Lime for an old quarry that already exists at the site. It has been dormant for many years but will be expanded as part of the new development. It is proposed that the quarry will involve the extraction and processing of up to 21,700 cubic metres of material per year over a projected 19 year term. 
Steven Campbell, Parkes Shire Council?s director of planning and environment, informed the Council that he believed the application should be approved subject to the conditions. 
?The quarry would operate on a campaign basis, with two to three campaigns per year,? Campbell said. ?Each campaign would involve two to three days of drilling and set-up for blasting, one day of blasting and approximately one to two months of crushing.?
Campbell said the proposal involves the disturbance of a maximum area of 1.8 hectares, including areas of new roads, passing bays, stockpiles, earth bunds and a sediment basin. ?The physical quarrying activity will be located within an area of 1.7 hectares and involve the extraction of gravel to a maximum depth of 25 metres,? he explained.
High activity haulage
In periods of high activity haulage, levels would not exceed the maximum of 15 trucks per eight hour day. ?Average haulage rates per week would typically not exceed 31 loads per week, or a maximum of 60 truck movements per week in periods of high activity,? Campbell added. 
A loader will remain at the site but a dozer, excavator and mobile crushing plant would be transported to the site when required.
?Rehabilitation works to be carried out would include minor landform reshaping, accommodating natural revegetation and follow-up management and monitoring of the rehabilitated area,? Campbell explained. ?While there was some concern in relation to traffic issues to and from the site I believe these issues have been addressed.? 
?I went out and spent some time looking at the site. There are people living out there who have been there a long time and they need to be looked after in regards to this proposal,? said Cr Kenny McGrath. ?A road would need to be built to handle the traffic. There is also an issue of flooding during heavy rain periods. We may possibly have to put in a causeway to help in the regard.?
Source: The Parkes Champion-Post (NSW)

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