New truck to teach drivers

Richards Mining Services (RMS) operates 14 Hino trucks and offers licence training for the transport and mining industries to allow drivers to seek any level of truck licence. RMS has an assortment of training courses, recruitment solutions and corporate services, with three training centres in WA and a new Adelaide facility that will specialise in heavy vehicle training. RMS group operations manager Graeme Richards said he had been using Hino trucks as training vehicles for four years. ?We keep the trucks for three to four years and then turn them over because we believe if we want to give the industry the best training, we need to use the most up to date equipment,? he said.
A combination of vehicles and equipment means the company can meet the demands of clients by creating various configurations, including road trains for its learner drivers. RMS also uses tippers and runs three brand new agitators or cement mixers.
?We use the real thing so the learner drivers will know what it will feel like,? Graeme said. ?For this reason, we have lots of different truck options for training, including anything from six to 18 speed transmissions.?
Graeme said the trucks were also easy to drive and had good resale value.
Source: Hino Pressroom

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