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New reporting suite aims to reduce fuel, emissions

The Fuel Usage and CO2 Reporting Suite displays detailed fuel consumption and carbon emissions information through the OnlineAVL2 program. Users can select the frequency of the reports and the vehicles they would like included and specify the average cost per unit of fuel for the selected reporting period. Managers can sort their reports by vehicle group and individual vehicles. The reporting suite is also designed to work in conjunction with Navman?s popular GPS Fleet Management Solution.

Ian Daniel, Navman Wireless? Asia Pacific vice president, said that with the introduction of the carbon tax, businesses can proactively regain some control of their fuel costs and minimise carbon emissions.

?Australian businesses are looking for new ways to minimise their fuel costs and eventually the costs associated with the carbon tax,? Daniel explained. ?The good news is we have an affordable yet effective solution to help companies proactively reduce their fuel usage and considerably improve their operational efficiency.?

He added that the reporting suite will also help organisations identify patterns to improve driving behaviour to reduce their environmental impact, eg curbing wasteful driving habits such as idling and speeding will reduce costs. The suite will also be able to inform businesses which specific vehicles or drivers are unnecessarily burning fuel by idling or speeding and working proactively with those drivers to rectify the situation.

?From vehicle utilisation and control of fuel costs to driver behaviour, organisations are poised to make better informed decisions, leading to reduced CO2 emissions, improved fuel and maintenance costs and increased customer satisfaction,? Daniel predicted.

The Fuel Usage and CO2 Emissions Reporting Suite is now available to Navman Wireless customers.

Source: Navman Wireless

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