New quarry resource to improve community engagement

Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia’s (CCAA) website now features a section outlining the quarrying industry in layman’s terms.

In addition to providing a basic overview of what quarrying is, the new section includes key industry facts, a pictorial depiction of each stage of the quarrying process, an infographic of a typical site, details on the economic benefits associated with quarrying, and an educational video.

CCAA CEO Ken Slattery said the webpages were developed in response to member feedback. Members had indicated a need for easy to use resources that could be utilised in public-facing discussions to clearly explain the quarrying process.

The resources were developed in consultation with CCAA members but were designed for use across the entire Australian quarrying industry.

"These informative webpages reinforce the importance of the industry to the community and provide a great overview of the quarrying process through a simple video, infographic and brochure,” Slattery stated. “These useful tools will help members engage with communities and stakeholders.”

Slattery said the resources could be used in a number of ways. “Quarry operators can [include] a link on their website, at quarry open days or community meetings,” he offered as a few examples. “It could build on the material they may already have on their own operation.”

Slattery added that extra material would be progressively added to the site.

The CCAA’s resources can be accessed at

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