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Mr Mumm and the kid?s sandpit

Last year with construction at a near standstill in the US, a lot of machinery was lying idle so he decided to make Las Vegas, the home of adult indoor fun, also the home of outdoor fun.
He started hiring out heavy equipment on five acres of sand filled land and has bulldozers, excavators and lots more fun stuff for adults to play with. Given the type of people who frequent Las Vegas, it has really taken off.
Now he has three packages available in the playground including a ?Dig and Destroy? package where adults can play on the machinery, then hop off and fire a sub-machine gun.
Americans, as we all know, are a strange bunch. You can?t drink till you?re 21 but ?hell, yea?, you only need to be 14 years old to play with massive machinery. It?s not clear if 14 year olds are allowed on the ?Dig and Destroy? package with the sub-machine gun. Probably.
It?s not just big boys who want to play in the sandpit. Half the customers are females, with housewives and grandmothers taking out their aggression in a more constructive way.
Apparently Mr Mumm wants to open similar parks in other parts of the US as well as in Australia, but it won?t be quite the same unless our laws on using sub-machine guns change radically.
Sources: The Mail Online, Australian Forest Industry Engineering Association

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