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Model conditions released for underwater quarrying

Businesses looking to dredge and remove aggregate on land under tidal water owned by the Queensland Government are required to apply for an allocation of quarry material and pay a royalty for the resource removed.

According to the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, the model conditions it released last month “should provide consistency and clarity both for assessment officers and for customers”.

Cement Concrete Aggregates Australia’s Queensland planning and environment sub-committee was said to have been “actively involved” in the development of the regulator’s model conditions guidelines.

The document provides advice to potential allocation holders on the model conditions under which they will need to operate, including details on each condition’s intent, how to comply with them, and the applicant’s obligations under the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995.

“The purpose of regulating the removal of quarry material on Queensland’s coast is to avoid potentially negative impacts on coastal resources such as degradation of water quality, changes to hydrodynamics of tidal waterways or loss of sediment that feeds coastal processes such as beach building,” the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS) website explained.

Further information and the new model conditions are available via the ABLIS website.

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