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Mining and Construction still hiring

Polled on whether the companies expect to increase or decrease hiring, 34 per cent of the surveyed companies, expected to increase hiring while 10 per cent planned to decrease.  The strong interest in the sector from the Asia Pacific region will mean an increase in demand, especially for exploration workers.
Lincoln Crawly, managing director of Manpower Group Australia and New Zealand stated, ?The mining and construction sector has seen continuous growth since the end of the financial crisis and many projects across the country are only just ramping up. Competition is growing for skilled trades and skilled machine operators in particular. As a result there are several trades that are in demand constantly.?
?Mobile plant equipment fitters, electricians, electrical instrumentation fitters and auto-electricians are at the top of the list for skilled trades shortages at the moment,?he said.
Employers need to be more strategic in their training and workforce planning and not rely on sourcing skills overseas. The shortage of skilled trades in overseas markets as well as the lack of people willing to commit to the mining sector life plays a significant role in the future employment questions.
Training, development and the ability to keep their staff, as well as internal work opportunities and better lifestyle options will weigh just as much as compensation in attracting and keeping skilled workers. With the abundance of workers and undersupply of qualified talent, the secret lays in uplifting and skilling the current workforce.
Lincoln Crawly believes companies need to think more carefully about their workforce strategy and develop a long term approach. ?It would be unthinkable for a company not to consider the quality and availability of raw material when developing a long-term business strategy.?
Source: Manpower

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