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Magnalight produces new hazard-proof lamp

Approved for Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations ? that is, where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapours or liquids are present within the atmosphere under abnormal operating conditions ? the new explosion-proof lamp is suitable in various applications, indoor and outdoor.

Larson Electronics new wheeled light cart uses two 400-watt metal halide lamps that produce over 72,000 lumens, which the company says are capable of illuminating 50,000 square feet of workplace. It can be configured to operate on a range of voltages depending on its environment.

An adjustable and removable mounting bracket allows the lamp to be positioned so as to properly cover any given working area.

?This Magnalight portable hazardous location light is designed to accommodate low ceiling height spaces,? said Rob Bresnahan from Larson Electronics? ?We designed the HAL-2X400C Class 1 Division 2 light cart so that operators could move the light heads from the wheeled, short cart to our telescoping wheeled tripod. This enables operators to use these lights in a wider variety of hazardous location environments at a lower overall cost of acquisition.?

Crafted from powder-coated aluminium and sporting stainless steel hardware, the HAL-2X400C boasts extended durability even down to its tyres, which are moulded from solid rubber so as to never get a flat.  

Along with the unit itself, Larson Electronics bundles 76 metres or 250 feet of SOOW explosion proof cord, ending in an ECP1523 explosion proof straight blade plug.
    ?    Source: Larson Electronics

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