Live stream device for monitoring haul road conditions

The proof road condition monitor (PRCM) has been specifically designed for measuring road and pit performance, predominantly for, but not limited to, mine site use. It effectively and automatically evaluates the state of haul roads and determines hot spots for grading through collated live-stream data.

The 12V-powered PRCM device is compact and can be fitted to haul trucks, water carts or any other specified light vehicle operating on-site. The monitor includes an in-built triaxial system that continually measures and records vibrations generated by the vehicle as it passes over the roads’ surfaces.

With full site mapping calibrated, the system can be viewed by mine site managers using an integrated 3G network, which highlights exactly where and when roads need to be repaired.

As the vehicle travels across the site, vibration data is recorded and processed based on the International Roughness Index (IRI), the worldwide standard for the evaluation and management of road systems. Results are then generated and displayed in a simple colour scale, which can be accessed by mining operators via an online platform.

The distinctive colours – green, yellow, orange and red – indicate different levels of severity, allowing maintenance locations to be brought to attention for site action.

As the live stream technology allows for immediate site action, Proof Engineers general manager Fiorella Ignacio says the PRCM not only optimises secondary machinery use but also ensures mine sites maintain optimum road conditions on an ongoing basis, ensuring haulage is carried out in a safe manner, with minimum rolling resistance.

“The PRCM is a cost-effective solution for all mine sites and provides quantitative data that accurately reflects the site’s conditions, without human subjectivity,” Ignacio said. {{image2-A:R-w:300}}

“Haulage roads are a major production element in mining and have a direct influence on the site’s operating performance. If a road is poorly maintained, it will not only impede production, but can result in a range of issues including higher rolling resistance, damage to machinery, unnecessary tyre wear, driver discomfort, dust generation and, most importantly, it creates an unsafe operating environment.

“The PRCM allows operators to essentially bypass these issues by providing an objective assessment of the site’s road and pit conditions. As soon as a road shows signs of deterioration, operators can be notified and immediate corrective action can be implemented.

“As a result, the PRCM has the potential to improve production efficiencies, increase optimisation of maintenance scheduling, sustain tyre life and reduce unnecessary grading, operating costs and fuel consumption. It will, in effect, assist with lowering the cost per tonne hauled, potentially resulting in significant savings.”

Ignacio said the PRCM system was non-invasive and simple to use, allowing mine operators to carry out monitoring on-site with minimal training required.

“The online platform, where the data is calculated and displayed, is also easy to navigate, and can be customised to meet sites’ individual needs,” she said. “For example, the site can choose to focus on particular roads of interest, alter weighing systems to meet different road condition standards or select results based on a particular vehicle.”

The PRCM can also help sites apply the best watering practices, as the system can identify the effectiveness of soil stabilisation additives by monitoring improvement to the roads’ running surfaces pre- and post-treatment.

The new device follows the success of the PMDM, which was launched last year and is now used to monitor dust levels at major mine sites in Australia and overseas.

The PMDM accurately and instantly calculates and measures dust emissions on-site, with the purpose of generating quantitative, live stream data that pinpoints optimum treatment times and highlights areas that require immediate attention.

An expert in haul road performance and optimisation, Proof Engineers specialises in road stabilisation and performance monitoring on a global scale, implementing programs and solutions to ensure reduced maintenance while increasing the longevity and safety of all haul road formations. 

Source: Proof Engineers

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