Lightning rods live up to name

This new line of rods is specifically designed for the surface drill and blast market and features a quick-change male and female rod that is engineered for high durability and air flushing.
?The Lightning Rod series incorporates some new, specific features and is designed to work in several different types of surface drill and blast applications,? said Jay Klinko, product manager for Boart Longyear. ?This new product line simplifies drilling and blasting projects and delivers optimal rod compliance for a full range of ground conditions.?
With a diameter range of 33mm to 60mm, and lengths ranging from 2.4m to 4.2m (or eight to 14 feet), the rods have been engineered to cover multiple project-specific needs with a wide range of sizes and  thread forms.
The male and female ends have been treated for high wear resistance and they eliminate conventional coupling to allow quick, automated subtractions and additions to the drill string. The result is higher productivity and improved efficiency.
The premium mid-body steel design gives the rod a strong foundation with efficient energy transfer and has been optimised for air flushing.
Source: Boart Longyear/Two Rivers Marketing

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