Komatsu opens revamped re-spray facility

The company installed the specialist automotive-grade facility in October 2010 at a cost of over $300,000. The Fairfield facility is purpose-designed for earthmoving equipment and can accommodate machines equivalent in size to a PC1250 excavator, GD655 grader or a WA900 loader.

The Spray ?N? Bake booth can be used to apply enamel, oven-baked enamel or two pack paint systems in a controlled environment.

The new facility provides a significantly improved finish and superior corrosion prevention, compared to the older facility, according to Komatsu?s New South Wales regional manager Tom Zube.

?The booth provides a significant upgrade to the Fairfield site, replacing paint facilities that have been in operation for 35 years,? he said. ?The new facility has 500 per cent more lighting compared to our previous booth. It is sustainable, complementing the full range of services at the Fairfield facility.

?The new booth also allows us to reduce paint drying time, with various control options available. It all works to reduce the time equipment is out of service,? Tom Zube added.

?Installing the booth at Fairfield was a challenge, with the aim of minimising impact on production. Project co-ordinator Atham Bawa ensured the installation was seamless, with no customer jobs delayed by the upgrade.?

In addition to servicing the wider Sydney area, the Fairfield paint shop offers steam cleaning, machine detailing, paint touch-ups, minor panel repairs and a heavy equipment wash bay.

Komatsu?s Fairfield paint shop services are not restricted to Komatsu-branded machines. The facility is set up for all makes and models of earthmoving equipment, ?no matter the size, shape or colour,? Tom Zube said.

Source: Komatsu Australia/The Project Group

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