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Integrated mobile washing plant for improved manufactured sand

Developed specially for the manufactured sand (m-sand) washing market, CDE’s Combo X150 washing system integrates all washing processes from end to end in a single compact mobile unit.

The plant provides producers with accurate control of silt cut points to deliver high quality sand. According to the company, the plant not only maximises production of m-sand but also reduces water consumption by 95 per cent.

It incorporates a water management system, making it extremely eco-friendly. The integrated water recycling and slime management capability enables the plant to be deployed in areas where traditional sand washing systems cannot be used.

The Combo X150 requires a small supply of fresh water as opposed to traditional systems, which typically consume 10 to 15 times more water.

“This is what makes the Combo the most eco-friendly sand washing system in the world,” Manish Bhartia, the managing director of CDE Asia, said.

“The other significant advantage is the low power consumption of 0.85kW per tonne of feed – at a 170kW maximum power rating – which makes the Combo X150 the most power-efficient machine using clean energy.

“Our innovations demonstrate CDE Asia’s commitment to helping customers achieve the highest sand specifications, using washing technologies, while ensuring minimum impact on our environment.”

An optional intelligent remote monitoring platform enables real time measurement of critical functions, storage of equipment usage data for accurate diagnosis during maintenance, and the broadcast of user warnings for service requirements.

The platform also assists users in extracting maximum plant performance from their equipment, so producers can meet and exceed their production targets.

{{quote-A:R-W:300-I:2-Q:"Our innovations demonstrate CDE Asia’s commitment to helping customers achieve the highest sand specifications, using washing technologies, while ensuring minimum impact on our environment."-WHO:Manish Bhartia, managing director of CDE Asia}}“The Combo X150, with its production capability of 150 to 200 tonnes per hour, provides an attractive proposition to the maturing washed m-sand market in India, and is now available in over 10 countries in Asia,” Bhartia said. “In fact, our washed m-sand is a preferred choice as it is a viable alternative to river sand.

“With the spurt in construction projects, the larger companies are regularly demanding high capacity plants to meet their sand requirement.

“The Combo X150 provides the perfect solution in meeting their need for an integrated mobile wash system that maximises water use.

“It also allows operators the flexibility to produce concrete or plaster sand simultaneously, from one machine.”

The Combo X150 system can wash a wide range of materials including m-sand, crushed rock fines, natural sand and gravel. Due to its mobility, there is no requirement for cumbersome civil and structural work and the associated time-consuming process of dismantling and reinstallation.

Companies engaged in quarrying in different locations can move the plant as per their requirements, plus the plant can be commissioned on-site in less than seven days.

A feeding system puts the material into the washing unit, which removes more than -75 microns fraction from the feed material. The material is then forwarded to the dewatering unit, which delivers washed, dewatered and well-graded sand products – including two grades of concrete and plaster sand – via an integrated stockpile of conveyors.

Waste water from the system is transferred to an in-built recycling unit, where the solids are separated from the water. The recycled water is circulated back into the plant and the final waste product is removed from the recycling unit in the form of concentrated slime, for easy recovery through the integrated EasySettle slime management system.

The technology to convert slime into lightweight bricks for construction use is also provided by the CDE TechCenter, which was behind development of the X150.

According to Bhartia, CDE Asia has installed more than 300 units in 10 countries across Asia.

“Our eco-friendly technology for producing washed and graded manufactured sand is helping developing economies to reduce their reliance on natural sand, which is fast becoming scarce and expensive. It has benefited construction companies by providing top quality graded construction sand and sustainable operations,” Bhartia said.

“By utilising normally low value crusher fines for sand production, we can extend the life of natural resources and also add huge commercial value to our customers’ enterprises.”

The Combo X150 is a larger version of CDE’s Combo X70 model.

Source: CDE Asia

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