In true Aussie style, have a go!

My first award was back in primary school and involved a book or certificate. It’s that long ago I have forgotten now but at the time it was nice to be recognised.
The IQA, too, has awards that all members are encouraged to apply for – whether for themselves or to highlight someone in their local branch.
The awards are sponsored by our industry suppliers, which have put forward some extremely good prizes. These comprise the following:
  • The IQA Service Award. Recognition of an IQA member who has given outstanding service to the IQA and the extractive industry.
  • The AIQEF Alex Northover Award. Recognition of the best portfolio of evidence in support of accreditation for either the Certificate IV or the Diploma in Extractive Industries. Includes a cash prize of $2500.
  • The Caterpillar Continuous Improvement Award. Recognition of an individual contribution to improving an extractive business through continuous improvement. Includes a cash prize of $5000 for a study tour.
  • The ESCO Young Members Award. Recognises a young member’s contribution to the extractive industry and the IQA. The prize is participation in a Young Member Network international study tour up to the value of $5000.
  • The Hitachi Gold Hard Hat Award. Recognises the advancement of OHS in the quarry industry. Includes a cash prize of $5000 plus the Gold Hard Hat trophy.
  • The Hyundai Award for the best technical paper. The prize is a sponsored trip to Korea to visit Hyundai’s operations.
  • The Loadrite Award. Recognises outstanding applications of lean principles. Includes a cash prize of $5000 plus engraved samurai sword.
  • The SCE Rocktec Innovation Award. Recognition of an individual contribution to excellence and innovation in the quarry industry. The prize is $3500 for travel.
  • The Volvo Travel Award. Recognition of an individual contribution to the advancement of environmental management in the quarrying industry. The prize is a business class, all expenses paid Volvo customer trip to Sweden.
It’s typical of Australians to resist self-promotion – and make excuses such as “I could apply but I’m not good enough to win”. Sometimes you need somebody else to give you a shove to “have a go”!
In some awards, such as the IQA Service Award, someone else will “dob you in”, and that is encouraged. There are many hard working members in our branches who “go the extra mile” and they should be recognised for their efforts.
Last year, the IQA received 111 applications across all the awards. This year we are looking for more than 120. That still gives you very good odds if you have the project that fits the award category. 
To have more than 120 applicants would be a nice problem for us to have. Applications will be judged by a panel for each award, consisting of a branch or sub-branch chairman, an industry representative and a regulator. 
It’s a pleasure for the sponsors, members of the IQA’s national secretariat and not least the President to call out the winner and give a member the recognition they deserve at our conference. So in true Australian style, have a go! You just might snag a prize!
For more information about the awards, visit
Submissions for all awards should be received by no later than 31 July, 2014.
Now, which box did I keep all those old school awards in?
Until next time, stay safe!

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