Hydrostatic loader debuts

The Kawasaki 67Z7 can be equipped with a 2.4m3 general purpose bucket or a 2.7m3 materials handling bucket for loose materials. A wide range of couplers and attachments are also available to maximise the loader’s versatility.

The 67Z7 is powered by a Tier 4i, fuel-efficient, Isuzu 4HK1 diesel engine. The hydrostatic transmission (HST) consists of two electric-controlled variable displacement axial piston-type hydraulic motors in conjunction with a summation gearbox.

A variable displacement piston pump drives the motors. Axles are equipped with limited slip differentials as standard and internal planetaries and dual circuit wet brakes. This powertrain package provides superior rimpull power and extremely smooth operation.

Many features of the 67Z7 are aimed at improving fuel efficiency and optimised performance. The fuel-efficient engine is aided by the HST to provide outstanding power at low fuel consumption.

Two power modes are available to fit the application requirements. The efficient, proven Z-linkage provides exceptional digging performance. Standard auto-idle shutdown prevents extended idling that wastes fuel and can cause exhaust filters to plug faster. The “natural” braking of the HST also saves on brake wear and reduces axle heating due to brake application.

The 67Z7’s HST allows for a “creeper” function that controls first gear speed precisely, even at full engine speed. The inching pedal enables the piston pump of the hydrostatic drive to de-stroke and slow the machine in any speed range. The Kawasaki IntelliDig system balances rimpull and hydraulic power to optimise loading. It reduces rimpull when the bucket is low, and gradually increases this force as the bucket comes up through the material. This speeds the loading cycle without wasting power and fuel. When the bucket is finished loading, IntelliDig increases the raise speed and shortens cycle time.

The 67Z7’s cab offers plenty of creature comforts. It is roomy and quiet, and features a panoramic view of the front and sides, and a wide-stance Z-linkage placement for viewing loads between the lift and tilt cylinders. There is a standard remote camera that displays what is behind the loader whenever reverse is selected, with the image shown in the middle of the LCD instrument panel.

The cab features increased pressurisation and tighter insulation for a quieter, more dust-free environment. Thermostat-controlled air conditioning temperatures keep the operator functioning at his/her best. The standard air suspension seat has multiple adjustments to fit any operator’s needs. The single, pilot-assisted hydraulic control lever offers precise, fingertip-easy control and excellent feel. The adjustable arm console contains rocker switches for easy selection of controls.

Compared to closed systems found on competitive wheel loaders, the Z7 series has an open-centre system that provides the operator with real feel at the control lever. All models feature automotive-style pulse-width modulation shifting, which provides ultra-smooth shifting up and down as the loader moves through various cycles.

Serviceability is simple on the 67Z7. Ground level fuelling, easy access battery boxes, a conveniently located filter, grouped lube points, and wide access gull-wing design engine access keep costs down and ensure that routine maintenance is performed.


In addition to the 67Z7, Tutt Bryant Equipment, Kawasaki’s Australian distributor, currently has available a number of Z7 models, including the 70Z7, 80Z7, 85Z7, 90Z7 and 92Z7 wheel loaders. Mark Ewan, Tutt Bryant’s business development manager for the Z7 range, said it was an exciting time within the loader market, with Kawasaki’s recent developments providing a previously unseen competitive edge.

When queried on the most significant improvement to the wheel loader range, Ewan nominated the revamped hydraulics, “which is what makes these machines so efficient and powerful”. Kawasaki has moved from a gear-driven hydraulic pump to a more fuel-efficient, flexible piston pump, allowing increased flexibility for the engine RPMs to match the hydraulic force needs of the moment. The Z7 range has an industry-exclusive open-centre, load-sensing hydraulic system – similar to those proven on hydraulic excavators.

Western Australian earthmoving contractor Mayday Earthmoving, which recently acquired a Kawasaki 90Z7 from Tutt Bryant, was complimentary of the machines’ performance. A Mayday representative said, “The impact of the new range of loaders is massive. From a production, fuel savings and maintenance costs standpoint, we’re confident the machines will provide us savings, in turn delivering a better bottom line of profit.”

Source: Tutt Bryant Equipment

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