Hybrid range Eases into the Australian market

?These two deliveries are significant,? Scott Smith, HCA?s national product manager for excavators, said.
?Not only are they our first deliveries but they are also the first Hitachi hybrids delivered outside of Japan.
?Alongside our national investment in brand new state of the art support facilities, both in the east and west, it?s a continued demonstration of Hitachi Construction Machinery?s commitment to Australia with respect to introducing the most innovative construction machinery technology in the world.
{{image2-a:r-w:200}}?The demand for fuel efficiency and environmental considerations will grow the ?green? earthmoving equipment segment. Our hybrid excavators feature the exclusive TRIAS-HX system, which utilises a combination of regenerated electric and hydraulic power with swing momentum. This system ticks both boxes.?
?The hybrid represents our commitment to the environment,? Nick Duke, of Duke Contracting, said.
?It allows us to maintain our reputation with top tier infrastructure contracts as it proves we are serious about our carbon footprint.
?Hitachi have always treated us well. Even when I bought my first machine, they were treating me as if as I had already bought 50. We?re looking forward to Hitachi releasing more hybrids ? we would embrace them quickly. Hitachi represents for us the best overall package, from purchase price, build quality and user acceptance through to parts availability, service back-up and resale value.?
?The hybrid represents the way the industry needs to go in the future,? Reilly Contractors director Mike Reilly said.
{{image3-a:l-w:200}}?It?s about being ?greener? and mindful of our carbon footprint and ultimately the opportunity of saving fuel. The savings from lower fuel consumption go straight back to rewarding and retaining our people and the client.
?The new hybrid has already exceeded our fuel-saving expectations. Our operators support our decision to head in this direction ? they see the hybrid as a good thing. 
?As a group, we are encouraged and excited about the future of hybrid machines and welcome the release of a larger machine with the same percentage fuel savings as ?the 20-tonner.
?While hybrid technology is new to the business, the Hitachi brand isn?t. With that in mind, I had full confidence with the purchase, knowing I could rely on the team here in WA for back-up. All said and done, the hybrid  essentially operates as a conventional 20- tonne excavator.?
The Hitachi hybrid excavator is already regarded among industry peers as one of the breakthrough excavators of the 21st century and the latest of a long line of examples demonstrating Hitachi Construction Machinery?s prowess with technological innovation. ?
Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Australia)

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