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Hopper feeder with more productivity, fuel efficiency

Telestack’s hopper feeder range is designed to be loaded directly from wheel loaders and excavators. It can be used to stockpile material, feed auxiliary equipment, reclaim to other conveyors and directly load trucks. Since there is no need to stockpile with wheel loaders, safety is increased.

Since the hopper feeder is track-mounted, the unit has excellent mobility on-site. It eliminates the double handling of material, which reduces overall operating costs by up to 70 per cent and fuel costs by up to 75 per cent.

The hopper feeder is capable of production rates of up to 500 tonnes per hour. It also has the potential to reduce both screen and excavator idle times, which in turn improves production.

The hydraulic folding head section allows for compact road transportation; it can be packed into 13m containers for easy, cost-effective transport around the globe.



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