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Highly sensitive metal detector

The Metalarm MA3600 metal detector uses pulse induction technology that offers balanced coil detection sensitivity and performance. Higher detection sensitivity ensures that even the smallest amount of tramp metal can be detected, providing better protection for crushers, screens and conveyor belts.

The metal detector is available in two models – the Hawk and the Eagle. The Hawk coil is for standard applications with a sensitivity that is typically five per cent or more of aperture height, while the Eagle coil is used where especially high sensitivities are required, nominally two per cent of the aperture height.

Unlike many other metal detectors, the MA3600 is able to maintain a high level of sensitivity for high belt speeds, and its Hawk model can also be used with steel corded belts and highly conductive products, allowing the operator far more flexibility and protection.

The equipment’s new design also allows for a wide range of optional extras.

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