Heavy-duty trucks for B-double applications

In addition to being capable of handling B-triple and roadtrain double configurations, the new CT630S truck is configured to haul 34 pallets within the 26m B-double length limit through the repositioning of its cab.

The cab has been raised about 50mm and moved forward approximately 250mm to produce a model which in non-sleeper form has a bumper to back-of-cab dimension of just 2845mm.

The raised cab and shortened hood provide improved line of sight for drivers and better manoeuvrability, while the truck’s smooth, rounded lines increase aerodynamic efficiency, reducing fuel consumption.

The CT630S is available as a day cab or with an integral extended sleeper cab, but for more extensive transport – such as interstate travel – the CT630SC model is ideal.

The CT630SC is equipped with a 1016mm mid-rise sleeper that offers a generous 2250mm of internal width and a full 1975mm of standing room. In standard form, the sleeper includes with a 711mm wide, fully sprung mattress, large toolbox lockers, spacious storage area under the bunk, and a scalloped rear wall to optimise clearances between the rear of the cab and the trailer.




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