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Heavy-duty 70-tonne crawler excavator

Powered by a 345kW turbocharged diesel engine, the DX700LC has an operating weight of 70.1 tonnes with standard boom and arm, 650mm double grouser shoes and 3.3m3 bucket. Optional buckets range in size from 3m3 to 4.5m3.

The DX700?s standard bucket has a bucket breakout force of 35.7 tonnes while its arm breakout force is 29.3 tonnes. It has a maximum digging reach of 13,250mm at ground level and a maximum digging depth of 8410mm. Its dump height is 8320mm.

The excavator?s long carriage (LC) design, along with the 4250mm width of the fully expanded undercarriage, offers optimum stability and safety in all kinds of digging, lifting and loading applications. Thanks to a high swing torque of 22,070 kilogram force metres (or 216,432 Nm), the DX700LC works efficiently on slopes. Its swing speed is 7.1 rpm.

The machine is equipped with a six-cylinder diesel engine comprising a high pressure fuel injection system that improves combustion efficiency while reducing particulate matter. At the same time, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) lowers the combustion temperature, reducing nitrogen oxide emissions on the Tier 3 compliant engine.

An electronic power optimising system (EPOS), connected to the engine’s electronic control via a data transfer link, harmonises the operation of the engine and the hydraulic system, further minimising fuel consumption.

The DX700LC offers a new power mode control system that provides optimum power and efficiency under all operating conditions.

The four modes include:

1. Power mode for heavy-duty digging and loading.
2. Standard mode for heavy-duty dumping, and general and breaker operation.
3. Economy mode for medium-duty digging, loading and dumping.
4. Lifting mode for lifting pipes or beams.

In Australia, the DX700LC and other Doosan excavators are available through Clark Equipment.

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