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Growing, enhancing the Institute and its people

It is with great pleasure that I take up the reins of this column. Each month I will provide insights into the IQA and the industry at large, plus discuss relevant issues affecting our members and the industry in general.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the IQA members and board for placing trust in me as President for the next two years. Those of you who are familiar with me know how passionate I am about the industry, and that this position is one I respect and hold in the highest regard.

During my inauguration speech at our recent conference in Toowoomba, I spoke about the influence certain individuals within the IQA had on me and my career in the industry, which now spans 17 years.

The IQA was “sold” to me and people spoke enthusiastically about this wonderful organisation that was committed to connecting and educating the people within the quarrying industry.

I look back at my discussions and early interactions with those IQA members and reflect on the significance and influence they had on me and my decision to join the IQA.

I was convinced this was an organisation I had to be a part of! I aspire now to be that person to someone else, a leader who inspires people within our industry to engage, connect and enhance their skills, to better themselves and the industry at large.

{{quote-A:R-W:300-Q:"Growing the IQA membership is essential to the viability of the IQA … I want to increase our membership to more than 2000."}}Specifically, growing the IQA’s membership is something I want to achieve over my tenure as President. Membership is essential to the viability of the IQA and is what makes this organisation what it is.

We are committed to providing benefits to our members, and the IQA’s 2017-2021 strategic plan acknowledges this commitment to further engage with and diversify our membership.

With the success of Women in Quarrying and further diversification opportunities within the industry, I am aiming to increase our membership from the current level (of about 1600 members) to more than 2000 members.

The key to achieving this target will be successful implementation of the Australian Academy of Quarrying (AAQ), which was launched at the Toowoomba conference.

The AAQ has the potential to transform the value offering of the IQA to members – especially with anticipated changes in legislation (that I will assist in readying the IQA for) – and provide high quality education and professional development for our members and the industry.

One thing I will also say – and I truly believe – is that while we want to move forward, and we need to move forward as an organisation, we don’t want to forget about where we’ve come from, and those people who have made the IQA what it is today.

It was fantastic to see some of our industry legends up on stage during the panel session at this year’s conference, and I also had the pleasure of being able to publically thank these people, along with the past presidents of the IQA for their contributions. I’m looking forward to making my own contribution towards the future success of the organisation.

I’m here to listen, collaborate and lead the organisation. I will be actively seeking your input and I invite you all to talk to me about your ideas and what other value the organisation can provide its members and the industry.

I look forward to the challenges ahead, and working with you all in the next two years.

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