?Groundscraper? closer to reality

To be developed by Shanghai Shimao Property Group and to be managed by the InterContinental Hotels Group, the hotel complex ? the InterContinental Shimao Shanghai Wonderland ? will be embedded into the former quarry?s rock face and will extend 16 storeys below ground level. The quarry has been abandoned since 2000.

Shimao purchased the disused pit and the surrounding land in 2006 to build Shimao Shanghai Wonderland, a large scale theme park that integrates hospitality, leisure and entertainment elements.

The InterContinental hotel is planned as part of the Wonderland complex and will have 380 rooms. Three of its 19 storeys will be above ground level and the other 16 below ground level, including an underground restaurant and a 10m deep aquarium. A 60m glass curtain will also be built to mimic a waterfall next to the resort?s main structure.

Hotel planners will also take advantage of the pit?s high cliffs by establishing an extreme sports centre for activities such as rock-climbing and bungee jumping.

Shimao is investing over $US555 million in the 428,200m2 development, of which $US95 million will go to the subterranean resort. When the resort is completed in late 2014 or early 2015, industry experts predict room rates will be $US320 per night.

Sources: CNN, China Daily

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