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The Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) ? a new open-access network of geospatial data, and its supporting infrastructure ? will enable users to explore Australia’s geology on a national scale.
“Using this network of data anyone can investigate the geological history of the continent and researchers can use it to gain a greater understanding of climate change, sustainable energy, water and mineral resources and, extreme geological activity such as earthquakes,” AuScope CEO Dr Bob Haydon, said.
“This is clearly just the first step but it is very timely as some of the really big challenges that we face nationally and globally require multi-organisational as well as multidisciplinary approaches.”
SISS has already been distributed to multiple Australian Government agencies and research organisations.
The Director of CSIRO’s Minerals Down Under National Research Flagship, Jonathan Law, said collaboration is integral to ensuring SISS’s success.
“Once deployed, it will also be a fundamental tool for cross-discipline technical collaborations,” Mr Law said.
“Australia has fantastic data, but unless we get complementary data from all jurisdictions delivered seamlessly to users its full impact cannot be realised.
“Quality integrated data products will provide national impact by attracting mineral explorers to Australia and helping drive successful exploration outcomes,” Mr Law said.
SISS users can discover, browse, save and process geospatial information from earth science data sources around Australia. They can view data, filter the data based on user specific queries and download data to their computer.
AuScope is an Australian Government initiative conducted as part of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) through the Department of Innovation, Industry Science and Research. The SISS national e-research project is supported by CSIRO, the Australian National Data Service and the Australian Research Collaboration Service.
Source: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

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