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Former quarry proposed for hospital site

Now that the remediation of the former quarry and brickworks in Maitland is almost complete the site can be reused for other purposes. 
The site has a large body of water, some bushland and open space that could be used as community space. The former factory site could be used for light industrial development.
In a statement, Hunter New England Health confirmed a new Maitland hospital has been short-listed for two potential sites and an announcement would be made soon.
CSR closed its Metford site about six years ago. CSR senior project manager Kris Leck said the site was being revegetated and parts of the brick press, which is 100 years old, will be preserved.
“There are elements in [the brick press] that we will do a heritage interpretation of,” Leck said. “We’ll take some pieces out of that building and we’ll incorporate that with some other heritage items onto the site, and develop something that is of use and interest to the community.”
Councillor Ben Whiting said he would like to see at least a large portion of the land turned into open space for the growing community. “I don’t think it’s a bad site for the hospital,” he said. “It’s certainly adjoining some major roads and the railway line. There are certainly other sites that might be more suited but it’s worth considering.
“The residents of Metford will be very keen that it’s used for purposes that might be useful for them, especially those community purposes.”
Sources: ABC News, The Maitland Mercury

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