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Former prison to become underground pit

The Rogers Group, which bought the former Charles Bass Correctional Complex for $USD12 million ($AUD17 million) last year, wants to relocate its longstanding Reostone Quarry away from the residential community it currently abuts.

The proposed plans were recently shared with community residents. The project is being billed as a positive development for all parties.

"This is probably one of the biggest win-wins I've ever gotten the chance to stand in front of folks and talk about," said Brian Ledford, the regional vice president at Rogers Group.  "When we move all these things farther away, there's going to be a reduction in noise and dust."

Dozens of residents who gathered for a community meeting in October agreed with Ledford's sentiment, issuing rounds of applause after hearing details of the plan.

Rather than digging another giant hole, the new quarry would be more like an underground parking lot. The prison would be razed to make way for aboveground operations.

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