Family company tries cone in hard rock set-up

Lima South (LS) Quarry is a small, family owned quarry business with contract crushing capability located in north-east Victoria between Mansfield and Benalla.

It employs a flexible team of skilled staff to produce and deliver high quality crushed rock, contract crushing and screening services to customers.

Lima South’s customers include local and state governments for road construction and maintenance, plus private construction companies building roads on their behalf. LS Quarry provides a full range of quarry products from high quality ballast and concrete/asphalt aggregate products to rock spalls, roadbases and bedding sand. It also maintains a significant delivery capability using internal trucks and external subcontractor providers.

The business’ on-site service varies from crushing and screening a wide range of quarry products, including recycled concrete, for local governments and private refuse centres to extensive experience crushing and screening recycled asphalt on behalf of companies such as Boral Asphalt, to help them recycle product for reuse in road construction.

LS Quarry was first licensed to operate in 1997, when it began development of the Lima South site.

In 2008 director Ashley Day took over operation of the small crew with a view to growth, firstly through the use of mobile equipment to supplement fixed quarry plant production. After grinding his way through the global financial crisis, Day continued the growth by pursuing external contract crushing opportunities, to both increase the company’s capability and raise its profile in this part of the quarry sector.

This was instrumental in the contracting component of the business evolving and securing further contract opportunities based on reputation and developed competency providing repeat business.

{{image2-a:r-w:200}}With growth came the inevitable requirement for more people to support the operation. From four staff in 2008, there are now 27 workers at LS Quarry, which increases to 50 if cartage subcontractors are included.

The steady increase in project opportunity has required a similar review concerning the modernisation of equipment used in these operations.

This saw Day engage with suitable suppliers that could provide adequate equipment to handle his specific source rock properties.

The Lima South source rock is primarily hornsfel with a polished stone value of 61 and Los Angeles abrasion value between eight and 10. It is quite a hard rock application, so only proven crushing technology would be suitable. For example, it was recently used in the Winton motor raceway resurfacing project, as it can withstand the high shear application inherent in motorsports.

The quarry’s tertiary cone was struggling to continually produce high volumes of products with a narrow closed side setting.

Day was looking for a cone crusher that could handle the high clamping pressures required to crush his hard rock, to ensure confidence in his ability to maintain supply of high quality aggregates.

Shaun Den-bakker, Tutt Bryant Equipment’s (TBE) Metso account manager for Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, worked with Day to provide technical support and all the necessary information, to give Day comfort that the Metso unit could meet his requirements.

After visiting the TBE branch in Brisbane to inspect the new Metso LT300HP, and once satisfied with the build quality, Day took delivery of the LT300HP in August 2015.

Since then the machine has been put to work in this challenging environment and is achieving its production requirements from this very hard application.

“The ease in change-out of the mantle was an added bonus,” Day said. “The mantle can be changed more quickly than its predecessor without needing to remove other components. It allows you to get it back to work sooner.”

The Metso LT300HP cone was Day’s first Metso buy, and he will consider Metso for future applications.  

Source: Tutt Bryant Equipment

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