Energy savings with CompAir app

Energy accounts for approximately 80 per cent of the lifetime cost of a compressor but compressed air also represents one of the greatest opportunities within a business to generate energy savings and to reduce the associated carbon footprint.
With this app, compressed air users can estimate compressed air energy costs and potential savings.
The app is user-friendly and allows for samples and estimates of:
  • Running costs. Estimate what your compressed air system could be costing you to run every year.
  • Carbon footprint. See how much carbon the energy used to run your compressed air system could be contributing to the atmosphere every year.
  • Carbon cost. Discover what costs the energy you use to generate compressed air could incur as a result of the Australian Federal Government?s Carbon Pricing Scheme.
  • Savings. Estimate the potential savings in energy costs, carbon emissions and carbon liabilities and total annual savings that are possible.
Where users want a comprehensive energy usage analysis and recommendations of how and where energy savings can be made within a compressed air system, CompAir offers its AirAudit service. 
CompAir’s AirAudit Compressed Air Energy Calculator App is free to download from the iTunes store. 
To download the app, click here.
Source: CompAir

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