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Energy Action launches carbon calculator

Entitled the Energy Action Carbon Adjustment Calculator, the service works simply by asking users to enter their gas and electricity consumption over a selected billing period, then, using a set of assumptions found in the Government?s climate change policy, approximates a business?s likely carbon expense for 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Businesses are able to model the impact of an increase or decrease in energy consumption on their annual bills.

Energy Action provides management and consultancy services on how to reduce their electricity consumption to businesses. It also runs the Australian Energy Exchange, which allows providers a forum to bid against one another to service individual companies.

Energy Action?s chairman Dr Ron Watts observes that there has been some confusion about the tax?s impact on Australian businesses.

?Energy Action?s online calculator enables businesses big and small to quickly understand how the scheme will influence them over a three year period and what its impact will be on their most affected business cost ? energy,? said Watts.

At this stage, carbon emissions will be priced at $23 a tonne, an impost the company?s largest emitters will be obliged to pay.

Head of energy efficiency and sustainability at Energy Action, Edward Hanna, says there is a ?common misconception? that the tax, slated for introduction next year, will only affect the country?s top 500 companies. The reality, says Hanna, will instead see electricity generators passing down costs to consumers.

?The only way to beat the carbon tax is to emit less carbon in your operations,? says Hanna. ?For all companies, understanding your cost exposure is the first step in understanding what investment you should now be making to reduce your carbon footprint and energy expenditure.?

While the calculator says it approximates the price impact of a carbon tax on businesses, the policy has not yet been passed into law. Under the proposed policy, many companies and individuals will be eligible for compensation.

Australian businesses can use the free online calculator at
Source: Energy Action/ZMM Marketing

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