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Empowering employees to be safe, unafraid

In 2013-14, 106,565 made serious workers’ compensation claims and in 2015, 190 workers tragically lost their lives. Workplace health and safety (WHS) is a vital part of all industries yet some professions face additional risks.

The Fearless personal safety system can assist workers wherever they are, particularly “lone workers” in the construction space.

Developed by security monitoring provider Calamity, Fearless offers mobile protection to staff and assists businesses with complying with WHS requirements.

It can be accessed through an app on a smartphone. In a dangerous situation, or when staff fail to “check-in”, an alarm can be raised through the app. Calamity’s 24/7 monitoring centre is alerted and has access to the user’s location, allowing live operators to initiate a suitable response. The alarm can be activated manually or automatically when a countdown timer reaches zero.

Professions that require employees to travel off-site or work irregular hours can cause managers added occupational risks. In such situations, Fearless’s “Journey” mode can be activated on the app, providing live updates to emergency contacts or employers.

“Meeting” mode can be set for a risky meeting or while alone. An alert is raised if a countdown timer reaches zero without being reset by the user. In situations where injury or personal immobilisation is possible, such as in off-site construction, the “Man-Down” function flags sudden decelerations, non-movement or impact.

The Fearless app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Source: Calamity/WordStormPR

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