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Education award attracts high calibre submissions

This award recognises the best portfolio of evidence prepared and submitted by an individual to a registered training organisation (RTO) in support of accreditation for a Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma qualification in an Australian national training package applicable to her/his employment in the extractive or related industries.

{{quote-A:R-W:300-Q:"All showed strong evidence of their own work in their presentations."}}The AIQEF also makes available grants of up to $2000 each for the three award finalists, to help with their registration, travel and accommodation for attendance at the IQA’s annual conference, at which the award is presented.

The 2017 judging panel of Virginia Hilliard (panel chairman), Angus McDouall, Danny Duke, Jim Hankins and Shane Burton agreed the top three portfolios were those presented by:

  • Simon Ashman, production manager, Holcim Quarries, Boble, Queensland, who was nominated by Mine Resilience (RTO) for the portfolio he prepared for his Advanced Diploma.

  • Christopher Cooke, manager of the Hanson Quarry at Molong, New South Wales, who was nominated by Mine Resilience (RTO) for the portfolio he prepared for his Diploma.

  • Jolin Evans, quarry supervisor, Boral Dundowran Quarry, Queensland, who was nominated by the Boral Construction Materials RTO for the portfolio he prepared for his Certificate IV.

The judging panel reported that all three finalists submitted comprehensive and detailed portfolios of evidence at their respective qualification levels, and all showed strong evidence of their own work in their presentations.

The winner of this year’s Alex Northover Award was Chris Cooke. After due consideration, the panel resolved that Chris differentiated himself from the other nominees through:

  • The inclusion of plentiful and relevant evidence, including evidence of ongoing daily engagement with and commitment to the relevant aspects of the qualification to his work over an extended period of time.

  • The overwhelming quality of his support material, which highlighted his direct involvement in the preparation, implementation and application of the knowledge and skills required in each competency unit.

  • The outstanding commitment to detail in the preparation and clear organisation of his portfolio, which demonstrated a disciplined approach to the application of the course content.

The Alex Northover Award will be offered again in 2018. For more information about this award and other IQA and sponsored awards, visit quarry.com.au

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