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DustBoss masters dust with invisible ring

By using a stainless steel ring that?s mounted with a network of atomising nozzles, the DustBoss DB-R system sprays millions of 50 to 200 micron droplets every minute.

Designed especially for conveyor discharge points, the ring surrounds the material discharge flow and contains dust on the fly.

?This design was first developed for a coal application,? explained Dust Control Technology?s chief executive officer Edwin Peterson. ?The momentum created while discharging dry coal was propelling large amounts of dust into the air, and the customer was looking for a way to specifically address the material as it came off the conveyor.?

The DB-R range comes in five standard sizes, from 43.2cm to 254cm (7 to 100 inches) in diameter, all of which can be adjusted to suit the operator?s individual requirements. By tailoring the droplet size, users can fit the device to certain applications.

?The greatest chance of a collision between a dust particle and a water droplet is present when the droplet and dust are roughly the same size, avoiding the slipstream effect,? explained Peterson. ?If we can increase the chances of collision with a given particle size, we improve the effectiveness of the suppression.?

Dust Control Technologies believes the DustBoss system is suitable for applications such as sand, aggregates, biomass or other traditionally dusty materials.

The unit doesn?t even require compressed air or electricity, rather a water supply hose does all the work. A booster pump can be attached to achieve higher water pressures, and a variety of spray nozzles are also available.

Source: Dust Control Technologies,

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