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Dual-powered, aggressive scalper

The Warrior 2400 is a high performing unit that is able to work with any material, and with the dual-power option, it becomes one of the most cost-effective scalpers on the market.

The addition of two electric 75kW and 55kW motors and an electric control panel means operators are able to switch between diesel hydraulic and electric hydraulic with ease. This equates to greater fuel savings and reduces the need for engine servicing parts.

The unit has a capacity of up to 800 tonnes per hour and a fully adjustable 6.1m x 1.93m screenbox with a throw range from 12mm to 16mm, an incline from 30 to 60 degrees and a speed range of between 740 revolutions per minute (rpm) and 990 rpm.

It is available as either a two- or three-way split, and both side conveyors are interchangeable, offering the operator more screening configurations.

Watch video

Here is a video of our first Powerscreen Warrior 2400 Dual power machine in Australia leaving our Head office on its way to its new owner.

Posted by Lincom Group on Sunday, 12 April 2015


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