Dollar boosts salary expectations

?The strong Australian dollar, rising job numbers and emerging skills shortages make a compelling argument for any employee wanting a salary increase,? said Simon Winfield, regional director of Hays Resources & Mining.

?Candidate confidence rose steadily all year. The jobs market in Australia has recovered quickly compared to international markets. In September, employment grew by a solid 49,500. With such a strong performance, candidate salary expectations are rising.

?Along with a competitive salary package, we advise employers to offer solid career advancement opportunities to attract and retain staff,? he recommended.

Simon Winfield added the strong dollar had also contributed to a steady rise in the number of Australians interested in working abroad. ?The strong dollar gives Australians the opportunity to relocate, set themselves up and pay for living expenses while searching for a job in an overseas location.

?In Asia, overseas recruitment is a key strategy in helping employers overcome the war for talent. Both Hong Kong and Singapore attract a lot of interest from professionals in Australia, the UK and the US. For example, International Financial Reporting Standards have seen international candidates with experience become highly sought after there.?

But Simon added there are plenty of reasons for workers to stay at home.

?The International Monetary Fund gave the Australian economy a big tick recently by saying it will be among the better global economies going forward into 2011. When combined with current jobs numbers, it?s a fantastic vote of confidence for our economy and the job opportunities it will present.?

Source: Hays Resources & Mining

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