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Details arise over quarry killings

When haul truck driver Shareef Allman opened fire on his co-workers late last week, the two-decade employee of Lehigh Permanente Quarry barricaded the doors with rope and a piece of wood. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, some workers simply feigned death after being shot.

“I just stayed playing dead, hoping I wasn’t shot too bad and that he wouldn’t get to me again,” Mike Ambrosio, 45, told the paper. “He got almost all the way over, and then I guess he was done because he ran out of the room.”

The 16-year employee of the plant recalled that the shooting was the last thing anyone expected.

“It was just unbelievable,” said Ambrosio. “No one was focusing on him until he suddenly shot the supervisor. Then we looked around and there he was, and the shells were flying. He never left the room – just started shooting.”

Allman had recently been suspended for three weeks for hitting an overhead powerline while unloading sand in a truck. According to colleagues, Allman believed the punishment was too severe.

After shooting his colleagues and absconding with a radio, Allman went on the run for 22 hours before being discovered by police. He shot a Hewlett-Packard employee in the leg in an unsuccessful carjacking, then continued to stash weapons on the way.

Silicon Valley Mercury News
reported that Allman hid an assault rifle under a garbage bin and propped another against a utility box, while police carried out a search of over 400 hours.

When police finally found the gunman, crouched between two cars and holding a handgun, he told the deputies to kill him.
Whether Allman fired shots at the two policemen is yet to be revealed, pending an investigation.

“Our deputies displayed remarkable courage and we believe their actions saved lives,” Sherriff Laurie Smith told the paper. “The community should view them as heroes.”

Workers at the Lehigh Permanente Quarry went back to work late last week, with many of its workers still recovering from the trauma.

?Our first priority right now is taking care of our people,? said Kari Saragusa, president of Lehigh Hanson?s West Region in a statement. ?We are working closely with grief counsellors and making sure our employees are prepared to deal with this terrible day. We are proud of our workforce ? many have worked here for decades and even generations ? nothing is more important than their well-being, and the well-being of the shooting victim of Sunnyvale who was also assaulted. We wish all of you a full and speedy recovery.?

Sources: Silicon Vally Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, Lehigh Hanson

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