Custom, manoeuvrable wash plants with minimal footprints

The containerised Bruce BWPOD100 Washpod and Sandpod have minimal footprints and manoeuvrability. They cater to producers with restricted areas on-site or with multiple sites that require the wash systems to be moved as and when required.

The BWPOD100 is easily portable, with a fast on-site set-up time. It can produce four end products, including two aggregates (at 80 tonnes per hour [tph]) and up to two sands (at 40 tph). It is capable of aggregate scrubbing, rinsing/sizing and sand production.

Bruce’s modular fine sand recovery units – including the BWSRB 120/200 and BWS 60/120/200 bucket wheel and cyclone sand plants – offer new, improved features. They consist of a double wheel bucket, centrifugal slurry pump, two rubber-lined hydrocyclones, a self-regulating cyclone collection tank with built-in float system, and high frequency split-deck dewatering screens on one chassis, with processing options of 120 tph or 200 tph. The BWSRB 120/200 can produce two grades of material and recover up to 98 per cent material above 75 microns (μm) while removing all slimes and clays below 75μm.

“Through extensive experience and the flexibility of our machines, we have assisted customers with varying material requirements in the sand and gravel and extractive industries, and the recycling industry, including glass and construction and demolition materials producers,” Lincom Group CEO Stephen Watterson said.

Source: The Lincom Group

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