Cummin’s huge new generator

By incorporating a new Cummins QSK95 engine, the C3000 high-speed diesel genset can produce up to 3.5 megawatts in power. The QSK95 engine utilises a hardened power cylinder and a single-piece forged-steel piston to achieve its massive power density.

Designed specifically for quarrying, mining, oil and gas operations, the C3000 allows operators to run a dependable micro-grid in remote locations.

While the new model boasts an exceptionally large output, it also meets EPA Tier 4 emissions standards, using a Selective Catalytic Reduction after-treatment system, which replaces the exhaust muffler on the genset.

Each unit can be customised to meet an individual operators needs, preferencing fuel consumption, transient response and emissions reduction to suit different applications.

?The new C3000 Series genset with the QSK95 engine will change expectations of what can be achieved by high-speed diesel technology, marrying industry-leading power density with increased durability,? said Tony Satterthwaite, president of Cummins power generation business. ?Designed as a global product platform, the C3000 Series genset can be used anywhere in the world for standby, prime or continuous duty applications ? with the ability to meet the toughest emissions requirements.?

Cummins has been building power generation solutions for over 90 years, and has a global distributor network that stretches to over 190 countries.

    ?    Source: Cummins Power Generation

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