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Cone crusher makes mark on French operation

Part of the famous NIVET Group of quarrying and construction companies in the west of France, the TPPL quarry is now able to provide customers with the aggregates they require and deliver material when it is needed. 
Furthermore, the quarry has reported direct operational benefits from the unique attributes of Sandvik Construction?s new CH550 cone crusher. 
The NIVET TPPL quarry, in Beaulieu-sur-Layon, has developed a reputation for providing high quality aggregate that is ideally suited for use in road construction, as well as general civil engineering work. However, the contractors that use the material require a 0-10mm product and NIVET TPPL needed a crusher that could consistently produce material to this specification.
The difficulties are due to the hard nature of the rock found at the quarry, spilite, a magmatic rock with the same geological structure as basalt and one of the hardest found in France. Fortunately, the CH550 can not only produce the material at the required size but has also produced additional benefits for the entire TPPL operation.
The new CH550 cone crusher from Sandvik Construction was developed in response to customer demands, building on the rock solid foundation of the company?s Hydrocone concept. 
This crusher was developed to deliver exceptional rates of productivity and efficiency, as the CH550 crusher can be configured for either secondary or tertiary crusher applications.
It also has a wide performance range and, with its unique, patented design, the CH550 provides NIVET TPPL with adaptability and flexibility as a tertiary crusher used for the production of high quality aggregates. 
Production efficiency is not the only benefit the NIVET TPPL quarry has derived from the CH550. To minimise negative environmental impact and to produce safer working conditions, the CH550 comes with no plastic backing and is electric-powered.
Whether electric- or diesel-powered, the motor on the CH550 provides the highest energy efficiency classification, resulting in less power consumption. This means non-electric-powered CH550s minimise carbon emissions. 
When compared with earlier models, the features found on the crusher enable it to reduce emissions by about 30 tonnes each year ? equivalent to the annual emissions of six people.
As well as savings on operating power, total power consumption is reduced during the crusher?s working lifetime. Furthermore, the CH550?s quieter operation has enabled the NIVET TPPL quarry to reduce its noise emissions, thereby providing additional benefits to the workforce and the locality.
In addition to improving its environmental standards efficiency, and enhancing operational flexibility, the CH550 has enabled the 100-person TPPL operation to produce the 0-10mm product its customers require.
This is essential to the NIVET Group as a whole, as the company has become an increasingly influential player in the west of France, employing more than 700 people in a variety of sites throughout the region.
Thus it was vital to the group?s reputation and business position that customer requirements were satisfied, with the products being produced as accurately and efficiently as possible.
The CH550 cone crusher has proved to be the ideal solution to NIVET TPPL?s production problems, as it is not only producing the aggregate product required at the quarry but is also producing operational efficiencies that the quarry had not experienced prior to its use. 
In effect, the CH550 can produce a -10mm product (which is then screened to produce a variety of sizes depending on the specific customer application) and then be left to crush all day. 
This means the production process is uninterrupted, thereby lowering the cost per tonne of material produced and enabling the workforce to concentrate on their main tasks without having to worry about the cone crusher. 
Being able to produce the products its customers require is vitally important to the NIVET Group. The company possesses a hard won reputation that was endangered by its previous cone crusher at the TPPL quarry not being able to produce the required product size due to the hard nature of the rock.
Since the installation of the Sandvik CH550, the NIVET Group is now able to produce the aggregate sizes required while simultaneously benefiting from operational efficiencies and a lower carbon footprint, which has led to the quarry being a more productive and profitable operation. 
Source: Sandvik Construction

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