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Concrete answer for cemeteries

An old, wet rubbish dump in southern Sydney?s Woronora Cemetery has been transformed into 945 high-tech graves using a new prefabricated system adopted for the first time in New South Wales.
Instead of being separated by soil, the graves are separated by a water resistant geopolymer concrete wall, much like terrace houses. 
This concrete is said to be better for the environment than other concrete by emitting 80 per cent less carbon dioxide when it is made.
Rockhampton Council, in Queensland, developed the technology to add more space in its wet cemetery. Engineering company Austeng holds the patent and prefabricated systems have been installed in Victoria, Queensland and now Sydney, to provide ready to use graves for the future.
Austeng managing director Ross George said Woronora?s space problem was common to suburban cemeteries established in the 1800s. ?Cemeteries were out in the boondocks when they were set up but now they are islands inside suburbia,? he said.
This new system means gravediggers will have a new role. Austeng has developed a burial system lid lifter that lifts grass, soil, coffin lid and headstone to reveal the prefabricated grave.
?All the soil and grass and headstone remains intact, and you have a beautifully presented grave,? George said. 
After the interment, the soil and lid are put back on. Interment will be faster and the maintenance cost less. 
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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