Changes to end of life proposal for clay pit

The original application was lodged with Moreton Bay Regional Council in September 2018.

Warner Quarry has been in operation since the 1970s and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

The quarry produces a clay resource, which is supplied by road to the CSR brickworks in Oxley and Darra.

“CSR is a long-term Moreton Bay employer and a significant contributor to the regional economy,” a CSR spokesperson said. “CSR has a proven history of delivering well planned, sustainable residential neighbourhoods and industrial estates as post-extraction land uses in Moreton Bay and across Queensland and New South Wales.

“Between 2009 and 2013 CSR developed at Brendale the Warner Lakes Residential Estate and the Brendale Connect Industrial Estate. Brendale Connect is now the location of significant employment-generating developments, including an Aldi distribution centre and Bunnings Warehouse.”

The change to the DA comprises a new preliminary approval application that includes a variation request. The preliminary approval proposes residential development of the CSR Quarry up to a maximum density of 20 dwellings per hectare, totalling approximately 500 homes.

The variation request is to alter the provisions of the Moreton Bay planning scheme that are applied to future development applications.

The future shutdown of the quarry and development of homes, parks and residential infrastructure is proposed.

Consultation body

The Warner Working Group has been established with members from community, schools, industry, government and CSR. The Working Group’s first collective achievement is the protection and preservation of seven hectares of vegetated land.

In addition, infrastructure to facilitate the development, new road entries at Old North Road and Kremzow Road and bikeways and pathways have also been proposed.

According to a CSR spokesperson, the notice of change was lodged to:
• Give the community and council certainty around the number of residential lots proposed.
• To protect seven hectares of vegetated land that is owned by CSR with appropriate zoning, providing a significant contribution to the area's vegetation connectivity.

Since the change to the development application is not classified as ‘minor’, the assessment process will restart. It is expected that council will issue a new information request.

This means the public notice period – when anyone can make a written submission to council – is expected around mid-2019.


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