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CCAA presents plan to LNP government

CCAA also wants the government to improve and protect access to construction material sites and facilitate more efficient transport and supply of construction materials.

As the CCAA represents the national and state interests of the extractive, cement and pre-mixed concrete industries, it sees its role is to ensure the new government takes into account the industry?s role in the state?s development.

The industry contributes $7 billion a year to the Australian economy.

?It?s estimated that we need the equivalent of 10 tonnes of quarry material per Queenslander per year to support the building of roads, houses and other essential infrastructure across the State,? said CCAA Queensland state director, Aaron Johnstone.

?The recent spate of natural disasters and its impact on our road network has underlined the importance of having ready access to these essential construction materials.?

Quarry sites and reserves in the ground need to be protected from encroaching development, particularly urban sprawl.

 ?Transport is a significant component of the overall cost and environmental impact of heavy construction materials. The reality is that quarries and concrete batching plants need to be situated close to their markets to ensure reliable, cost-effective supply,? said Johnstone.

The CCAA Policy Priorities 2012 document is available at the CCAA website –

Source: CCAA

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