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CAT15 Engine Re-released With Reduced Emissions

After a recent re-launch in Australia, the Cat C15 engine has been recalibrated to reduce emissions, while maintaining its performance and fuel economy. The only hardware change to the unit is the addition of a crankcase breather to meet ADR80-03 requirements.

?This is a major technical accomplishment, which I have never seen done anywhere else in the world,? said Tom Baughman, NC2 vice president, product development. ?It positions the Cat C15 engine for compliance with Australia?s most stringent emissions regulations, while addressing Cat customers? demonstrated needs for power, convenience and dependability.?

The rejigged engine delivers up to 550 HP and 1850 Lb-ft of torque.
By using dual diesel particulate filters with passive regeneration technology, the company claims the engine achieves a 95 per cent plus particulate matter reduction. Tested in-country, the particulate reduction system was demonstrated to be effective at all loads and speeds, which meant the engine didn?t require complex active regeneration systems.

NC2 managing director Bill Fulton said that the significant advantage for Cat Trucks is that the engine doesn?t require the use of EGR or SCR technology.

?We are excited to deliver a 15 Litre ADR 80-03 solution for our future Cat Truck product range that builds on the popular and proven Cat C15 engine,? said Fulton. ?This environmentally sound solution enables us to continue to meet our Australian customers? stringent requirements for power, fuel economy reliability and durability, while providing industry-leading support through the Cat dealer network.?


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