Call for trucks to cover quarry loads

The recommendation follows an inquest into the road death of a Queensland woman near Humpty Doo, south of Darwin, last year.

Rosalyn O’Neill, 65, was travelling in a vehicle being driven by her husband on the Arnhem Highway when a large rock smashed through the windscreen and killed her instantly.

The coronial inquest was held to determine whether the rock fell from a mining truck or was already on the road.

In his findings, coroner Greg Cavanagh said there was no evidence that any of the quarries operating near the accident site were responsible for the rock being on the highway.

But he said it was an “extraordinary coincidence” that another car had struck a rock lying on the road, propelling it into the victim’s path.

Darwin man Scott Basnett was in a car in front of the four-wheel-drive in which Mr and Mrs O’Neill were travelling.

He told the inquest he hit a rock and, when he looked behind him, saw it bounce on the road and hit the following vehicle’s windscreen.

Mr Cavanagh said no individuals could be blamed for “this terrible tragedy”.

Source: ABC News

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